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Three Phase Motor Starter

MotoJumbo, MotoCub, MotoStart, MotoFi

Single Phase Motor Starter

Motosop, MotoSmart, MotoStart, MotoPro, MotoPro Digital


MotoFill, MotoBoy, MotoSet

Welcome to MotoBix

Motobix changes your mind set of existing motor starters by providing sophisticated feeling on motor operation to you. It cares your motor's safety against irregular parameters like dry run, over load, low voltage, high voltage and takes responsibility for your water needs through featured tasks like scheduled timer, fixed timer and tank monitoring system.

About us

MOTO HOT MotoPro Digital

Motobix is a brand which fully committed in manufacturing next gen electronic submersible motor starters. Now it introduces MOTOPRO Digital motor starter, having intelligence current monitoring methodology by using Embedded Technology which extends motor life.

Sleep Timer

In-Built-Auto-Off Timer will switch off motor at set time. No care of forgetting to switch off motor.

Digital Current Sensing

By using embedded technology it monitors motor current to find any deviation due to ubnormal condition and protects motor.

Easy Installation

Very simple setting method provides us quick and accurate installation.